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What is it like to be a Bruce fan
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There are two important questions:

1.    Why are we all Bruce fans?

You just have to ask his fans and you'll get answers such as these:

<Person A> Why are we all Bruce fans?
<Person B> He's so dreeeamy... :-)
<Person C> He is more that a pretty face....his voice got to me first
<Person C> Expressive
<Person C> Believability to his parts in movies
<Person C> And yes he is gorgeous also
<Person B> Yeah, I'd agree about the expressions.
<Person C> Then that charming smile
<Person C> That is almost scarey....to good
<Person C> His wonderful personality...so friendly and accepting of others...loves his fans
<Person C> He has the nicest shoulders....LOL...I would love to put my hands on them
<Person B> Mmmm... I like his hair. :-)
<Person C> Am I doing OK??
<Person A> You're doing okay! I have written down all the things you've said!
<Person C> Have you?  LOL
<Person A> Yep. You'll find it again soon on the page!
<Person B> What are you going to do with... oh.
<Person C> Emphasize the voice part....oh I love his voice
<Person B> Does that mean I'm going to be quoted as saying, "He's so dreeeamy... :-)"?
<Person A> Yep, you are !;-)
<Person C> LOL!!!
<Person A> I won't put the names to the quotes!
<Person A> So don't worry! ;-)
<Person C> Oh good
<Person B> Good. :-)
<Person C> He has very kind eyes
<Person B> Oh yes, very nice eyes.
<Person C> When I looked into his eyes at the booksigning...they were so kind and...
<Person C> And very blue at the time
<Person B> And a fairly unique name. I can look up "Boxleitner" on eBay and he's the only one that comes up. It's so nice.
<Person A> LOL
<Person C> It is a nice German name
<Person C> Oh...Bavarian
<Person A> LOL! ;-)
<Person B> That's what I look for in an actor, a unique name! :-)
<Person C> He also has gentle hands...yes I do know that
<Person C> It is nice to watch him handle his horse
<Person C> He has a way with horses
<Person B> It's great to see him with Melissa, too.
<Person C> You can tell he really Loves her
<Person B> And verse-visa.
<Person C> Yes, that is true

Here is another example: The same chat topic, just different people:

<Person A> The question would be: Why are we all Bruce fans?
<Person D> the dimples
<Person E> All four of them
<Person E> <g>
<Person D> plus he looks great in jeans
<Person E> or out of them
<Person D> lol
<Person F> How long do we have to answer.
<Person A> Just answer right away... What ever comes into your mind.
<Person F> The voice. The smile. The way he shuts his mouth when he's made a decision.
<Person D> true
<Person D> his POUT
<Person D> *sigh*
<Person A> Hey... you're pretty good.. keep going..
<Person D> lol
<Person D> mmmmm...lets see
<Person E> He's a charming, elegant, easy going gentleman with a wicked sense of humour, a genuine appreciation for the fans. He cares about what he does and about the people who watch it. He works his tail off to make sure everyone gets his attention, even when he's exhausted. He's an all round great guy!
<Person D> he is Bruce need i say more?
<Person A> Anything else?
<Person D> the fact that he has REALLY great hands doesn't hurt...
<Person D> ;-)
<Person F> Yeah. Great hands.
<Person E> He can make you feel totally relaxed and at home in his presence, like he's invited you into his house as an old friend
<Person F> Intelligent
<Person D> never met him:-(
<Person F> Good natured -- you can see it in his eyes.
<Person D> that's what I go for...;-)
<Person F> Great eyes.
<Person D> oh yeah
<Person E> He loves horses and kids and has a child like enthusiasm for both nature and science
<Person D> gonna start squirming
<Person F> Do you remember the scene in Dead Ringer where Amanda starts to describe Lee. I loved that scene. Reminds me of this.
<Person D> hehehe
<Person F> Nice eyes. Beautiful, beautiful eyes.
<Person D> he does a great wink, too
<Person E> Gorgeous voice
<Person F> Tall -- "how could they think I was you. You're so much taller than me"
<Person D> melts me into a puddle of mushy goo
<Person F> Well built.
<Person F> Looks good in a uniform.
<Person E> Solid shoulders, strong arms...
<Person D> he should do voice-overs, with that come hither voice
<Person E> LOL!
<Person F> Nice legs -- even if Amanda said they were just "okay".
<Person D> lol
<Person D> great butt!!!!
<Person E> A bit thin for my taste, but that's the only even partial negative I can find, so he's doing pretty well!
<Person F> Yep. Looked good in tennis shorts.
<Person D> gotta love the way he handles a "weapon"
<Person D> lol
<Person E> His or just in general? ;-)
<Person F> Great jaw ripples.
<Person E> Oooh, yeah!
<Person D> awesome jaw ripples
<Person D> any weapon will do...
<Person F> Really awesome jaw ripples.
<Person D> lol
<Person D> next question...we could do this all night..
<Person F> Next question. The AC can't crank out enough cold air.
<Person D> lol...
<Person E> LOL!
<Person A> LOL!
<Person E> You realise Person A intends to post most of this?
<Person D> i'm starting to get sweaty and stick to the chair....no comments please!
<Person A> Yeah, I will post that.
<Person F> You realize that I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes and cold spaghetti I have to clean up. So keep talking.
<Person D> eeek
<Person E> Just leave my name OFF it, will you?
<Person A> No name will be mentioned!
<Person A> Of course I won't name anyone. I'm not dumb!
<Person E> Be still my heart :-P
<Person F> I have my drool rag out to protect the key board.
<Person D> well, it's my anniversary and my husband is in the other room watching the history channel...
<Person E> I already need a bucket
<Person F> So's mine.
<Person F> The making of U-571.
<Person D> i need the shop vac
<Person D> that's it! u-571...oh brother
<Person D> how about the making of BB
<Person D> lol

2.    You know that you're a Bruce Boxleitner
       Fan, when.......

-    you see him on TV and you aren't able to close your mouth again
-    you throw all people out of the room while watching Double Jeapordy ("uncensored")
-    whenever you are thinking about him... there is this big grin on your face
-    when you watch watch Double Jeapordy and eat at the same time you choke on your
        food (This happend to more than one fan! ;-) )
-    everyone in your family groans whenever they hear "Bruce", "Lee", "John", "Melissa",
-    you have more than TEN zip disks for video downloads, fan fiction and pics
-    most of your bookmarks on your computer are Bruce related
you buy a new computer just so you can download vids, pics and stories faster
-    you have a folder in your file cabinet just for Bruce stuff
-    you have TEN  3"  & 4" notebooks of B5 and SMK fan fiction hidden under your desk.
-    you've written your own B5 and SMK fan fiction, but most of it is centered around Bruce
-    you have at LEAST two copies of every episode of B5 (except Corps is Mother) and
        SMK also stashed under your desk.
-    you've spent $1000 on airfare to see the guy and not care about the money
-    you will watch some B5 episode or Bruce movie for the zillionth time rather than
        something you haven't seen before
-    you have a hidden folder on your hard disk called "Bruce Boxleitner"
-    you make your own Bruce-related website
-    you have over 100 tapes related to Bruce
when your tongue falls out and you trip over it every time his name is mentioned
-    you watch everything he's in, even when the plot sucks and the whole thing is dubbed
        (badly) into Italian. So you turn the sound down and lip read! (and find he's actually
        easy to lip read!)
-    you force yourself to stay away at night so you can watch Bruce movies without the rest
        of the family "interfering"
-    you freeze frame almost every scene in Sleeping in Light to catch every nuance of his
         performance, and still find something new in it
you actually consider flying half way across the world to go to Jerry Doyle's election
        campaign fundraiser for more than 10 seconds!
you have a hundred videos stored, and 60 percent of them are lousy NTSC copies of 80's
        interviews with Bruce!
-    you log onto the internet 15 times a day to see what other people have been chatting
        about in your absence
-    you download music because it reminds you of him
-    you have a Bruce Screensaver on your computer
-    you drop a masters level class so you can read EVERY thing on the Lurker's page when
        you first discover Bruce in B5
-    the opening and closing sounds of your computer are Bruce, as well as the error message
-    you worry about what your husband will discover in your files and notebooks if you die
        before he does.
-    your husband asks you what you're smiling about and you can't tell him because you're
        thinking of Bruce.
-    your mother stops asking what you're thinking about when you have that smile on your
        face because she already knows
-    your husband says he doesn't mind the obsession as long as you don't call him Bruce, Lee
        or Sheridan (especially at an inoppotune moment!)
        next posting: Well, my husband's middle name is Bruce - so I might get away with it.
-    your boyfriend accepts he's playing second fiddle to Bruce and just grins and bears it, or
        becomes a Bruce fan as well (now THERE'S dedication for you!)