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Not about this special person but about his name...
We've done a little bit research..

There are living 33 Boxleitner's in America 189 Boxleitner's in Germany...(most of them are living in Bavaria and South Germany!!!) I guess this should say something.
We only counted the Boxleitner's who have a telephone and are registered in the phone books.
There doesn't exist a "Bruce Boxleitner" in Germany... but a Bruno Boxleitner. And Bruno could be taken as a german version of Bruce....
Does Bruce has a Double-Existence????

Here are places we found in the USA Bruce related.
Bruceville, Indiana  population 488
Bruceville, Texas  population 1151
Bruce, Wisconsin population 836

Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT
Bruce County in Ontario Canada

What else can we say about Bruce.... Here is something Nicky found out:
    Brucellosis, also known as "undulant fever" or "Bangs disease" is a systemic infection. There are several strains of
          brucellosis and, more recently, types infecting marine mammals have been identified.
    Symptoms of brucellosis infection in people include fever, night sweats, undue fatigue, anorexia, weight loss,
          headache, and arthralgia. In animals, the primary sign of infection in females is abortion and in males, epididymitis.
    Worldwide, brucellosis remains a major source of disease in humans and domesticated animals. B. abortus is the
          most widespread form in the United States.
     Persons at high risk for vaccine-related infection are farmers, veterinarians, and other animal health professionals due
          to needlesticks or exposure to infected calves, placentas, blood, or amniotic fluids.

There exist a Webpage in Germany with the following URL:
Normally you can say: Hey cool, another Bruce Boxleitner Webpage, but you kind of get a hell of a schock when the page is loaded.
Because this page has nothing to do with Bruce... or anything with the name Boxleitner....
On this page you'll find a decription about a "home for eldery people"..... Also known under the name BRK-Seniorenzentrum.
What does that tell us?? Has Bruce invested in such a home?? I mean, he just turned 50.......

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